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Welcome to Leaf Jewellery. This site is now being expanded to include the Holistic Healing Therapy Centre (LEAF). The ethos is to Live with Acceptance, Empathy and Freedom (from our Ego). It is a way of living our journey with love and compassion and thinking with our hearts to free our minds.

I am a holistic health practitioner and alternative therapist. I have been training and working in alternative therapy for fifteen years. Aside from my studies, I know I am here to help others from my own life experiences. I was born with a congenital condition to which I used to suffer mentally, emotionally and physically. Over the years I have treated myself and I have now been in full health for many years and from this have decided to help others. Working with my own battle opened my perceptions to alternative ways of living. Love and compassion and creativity arise when we remove man-made fear, guilt and pain. I was lucky to have an excellent Momma who taught me to love my uniqueness. In this time I realised the importance of nutrition and meditation; more importantly, the bodies great ability to heal. I generally do not speak about the past, however, I think it is relevant here as I hope to show my empathic nature and my understanding that every journey is unique but equally painful to each person.

Holistic therapy in its grandest form it is concerned with healing the whole person; bringing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Higher Self levels into alignment.

We can heal our physical body through Nutrition, Herbs, Botanicals, Vitamins/Minerals, and Naturopathic Techniques which include a good old detox. Using natural cleaning and bathing products help as well as eating a few organic foods when we can. Small changes can make a big difference to our health and energy levels.

A simple, fast and effective aid is water. It is a cure all for the general day to day ‘stressed, foggy headed, tired, grouch attitude!’ If a cell needs water and is not hydrated it acts in a state of fear. Fear escalates through our levels.

Meditation, Psychotherapy and Energetic Healing (EH) are some relaxing and enjoyable ways of creating ‘you-time’ and to help you ‘de-stress’. EH in particular, can heal deep rooted emotions/fear/pain. How many layers you peel and how often is a personal journey.

We can learn to accept and grow from stress by creating positive change. Most of us have days where our ‘inner child’ has to get out. Be a child and then get over it and start being kind to yourself. I know that was my own perennial and best policy through my major growth period. You can’t change the past so enjoy the present (and future) fully!

Maybe you’re reading this and ready to get tough mentally. Find that focus, get a life plan and change the world! Yep, you CAN do this to through meditation. If this is you, then consider taking creative energy classes to find the ‘connected’ you. For all of us the most important way to be is grateful for our lives. Sounds simple right? I always thought I was grateful in the past – but I was surprised. Begin to observe your thoughts; start by observing negative thoughts and then try to turn it into a positive. What is the purpose for the negative? It is either a lesson, or opportunity for change. You will start feeling better, brighter, happier.

Another option is that you are really down and can’t actually even consider the above. I know, I’ve been there. You get patronised and told that you have nothing to worry about right? Well, the first step to getting back to your old self is realising that you can make changes. Diet can help balance Neurotransmitters that balance our ‘happy’ hormones. Surrounding yourself around with positive, inspiring, successful people helped me. Be there with them, you don’t have to be happy; fake it. We can trick our brains emotional centre – Neuroscience stuff ;)

We are pack animals, community people but if you are not at that stage yet find emotional support in a family member, good friend or even a random guy/girl. Everyone has someone. Just remember to sometimes, if you can, try to accept their advice. That person will be proud of you for making the tiniest of changes. You will know if that person was true if they are still there when you get back on your feet. If that person isn’t in your future then they served a purpose – be grateful for that.

As we heal one or all of our energy bodies we start seeing a different future or a sign of freedom, appreciation, inspiration and love for ourselves. Your journey is your gift – begin it how you want. But remember, healing has to start with change. Think about your journey in nature, at the beach, up a cliff. Nature can make us better – it can make us feel better.


For those living with Chronic/Congenital Conditions: 
Holistic Naturopathic Treatment Plans can heal the body, very different in terms of perception when compared to Allopathic Medicine. The easiest way to explain this is through the well known fish tank analogy. From a naturopathic perspective if you had a poorly fish in your tank (let’s call him Buster) you would change the water helping him to heal himself in fresh clean water (the correct environment), rather than a dirty bacteria ridden water. The Allopathic view might be to add a chemical to the original water to treat Buster’s symptoms. The problem with this method is that it does not treat the root cause of Buster’s illness – only the symptoms. So, if you kept the original water Buster would just become sick again.

Naturopathic Treatment is not for everyone though. As you can understand in the analogy above – it is more work to heal the root cause than it is to fix the symptom. We all do it, busy at work, neck a quick Lemsip, only to get another cold in the near future. Natural medicine can also take time and needs a consistent approach. It is often hard to fit natural practices into our busy modern lives, however, that said we can all make small changes that can be of benefit.

Having a congenital condition myself I have found that Allopathic medicine struggles in complex/longterm illnesses. Even naturopathy is not a cure all, but it can help you to manage your dis-ease with a far greater quality of life (and potentially fill you with inspiration).

Disease is often accompanied (in some views, caused), by stress (mental) and emotions. Many of our emotions are repeated in daily life and are deep rooted from childhood. Both of these factors create disease. I uncover and unravel, making a big picture for the required healing. This is done through supported home-study meditations and life-coaching. I include psychological methods and empowering self-love/care healing programs. Full integrated programs are available or short-term programs. Whether it is a fully integrated or short-term plans, we sit down, talk and come up with the most important areas to start with. All the plans are taken at your own time, with support along the way. You can be consistent, you can drop out and come back. You can just come to a taster workshop, or just help and advice! It really is up to you. The first step is an individual consultation by telephone, over the internet or in person at my clinic. I offer a variety of discounts and payment options, please enquire. I cater for all budgets and importance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. You can contact me on the ‘Contacts’ page. I am happy to receive telephone calls or e-mails.